Vientiane Highlights: Sunday, April 8 – Tuesday, April 10

Spent three days in Vientiane


Ate more JOMA. Ate more Indian food. Vainly tried to ignore the leftover cigarette stench in our guesthouse room.

Indulged in multiple massage at the Wellness Massage Center Wellness Massage Center! Relaxation at last! 😉

Wandered around sightseeing at the:

Lao National Museum (used to be called the Lao Revolutionary Museum, eh),

That Luang (pretty cool), and, best of all,

COPE (great organization that helps people of limited means with various medical conditions, a large number of these people are victims of the ridiculously large quantity of cluster bombs that the U.S. secretly dropped on Laos in the 1960’s and 1970’s). Really friendly, excellent, informative staff working for a vital cause. Very interactive exhibits and videos as well.

Quick facts about cluster bombs and some international legislation working against it.

Embarrassingly, the United States of America has NOT joined the Cluster Munitions Ban.

 Come on, America? Really?

Suffered through our last overnight bus of the entire trip last night! AMEN. Suffice it to say it was an uncomfortable seventeen hours. Uncomfortable.

Anyway, we made it to Bangkok a day before our flight to Manila (tomorrow!). So, success! Had a quiet day. Just jumped onto the Skytrain to have lunch at the quirky Atlanta Hotel (!) … and then devoured two rounds of large mango juices and Thai street food for dinner. A. Good. Day.

And … we’ll essentially be island hopping for until the end of the month! Joy!

Vientiane photos: